How often should a septic tank be pumped?

On average your septic tank should be pumped every 1-4 years depending on the number of people in the house and water usage. Failure to pump out a septic tank every 1 to 4 years could lead to excessive suspended solids leaving the tank into the leaching system. Over a period of time (months or years) this excessive material builds up on the leaching system’s infiltration surfaces causing increased blockage and a costly system failure. Therefore, more frequent cleanings are beneficial to the long-term performance of the septic tank system. You don’t need to
worry about this happening to you when you choose Workman Septic as we send out friendly reminders to all our clients.

Should I know where my septic tank is located?

It is important to know the location of each component of your septic tank system for cleaning and maintenance. It is also important for preventing the occurrence of driving vehicles over the septic tank system and drain field, landscaping and building additions (i.e. decks and patios).

What if I don’t know where my septic tank is located?

You can find out by contacting your local health department or by hiring a technician from Workman Septic. See the department of public health for more information.

Can I build or landscape on my drainfield?

Building or landscaping on any part of your drainfield or any other part of your septic tank system can cause costly damage. In Fairfield County a setback is required for septic systems.

Does the pump tank need to be pumped as well as the septic tank?

Yes, although not as often as your septic tank. The pump tank can be pumped for every 3 to 4 septic tank pumps.

Do I need to clean the filters in my septic tank?

Filters should be cleaned every time septic tank is pumped.

What does it mean when the sink or bath begins to back up or gurgle?

Your septic system is beginning to experience problems. The pump may be failing, the lines may be clogged, or the drainfield may not be draining correctly. Your first call should be to Workman Septic.

I’ve heard that I shouldn’t do all of my laundry at one time. Is this true?

Any activity that requires heavy water use causes excessive water discharge into the septic system. This is known as “Hydraulic Overload” and it is the number one cause of drainfield failure.

Does using my garbage disposal hurt my septic system?

We recommend not using a garbage disposal as they are hard on the septic system. Garbage disposals require a large amount of water, contributing to solid build-up in your tank, and require more frequent pumping as a result. Also, these solids don’t settle properly in the tank.

I need a real estate certification to prove that my septic tank has been pumped to sell my home. Are these services available?

Yes and we are happy to provide this service to help our neighborhood homeowners in Fairfield County to sell their home.

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